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Property Management and Leasing Services

Professional Property Advisors (PPA) provides property management and leasing to both commercial and residential properties on a custom designed basis. Our property management team oversees all aspects, integrating a smooth transition with the expansive network of both national and local vendors, suppliers and tenants to maximize each property’s potential. Our philosophy is to manage every property as a fiduciary, looking at all decisions from an owner’s perspective. Our fees have been consistently lower than industry standards, even with this client-centric approach.

In the summer of 2011, we took over management through client purchase of four distressed properties in Columbus, Ohio. The Receiver was managing all four properties as they sought buyers for a little over two years. Here are the savings we established from the Receiver's actual payments during 2012.

Average annual savings -70.5%



*Property Insurance savings also includes  better overall coverage. 

**$400 versus $1,000 per building monthly management fee equating to 60% savings thereafter.

***The previous management company (Receiver) had the properties for 2½ years without lowering taxes whatsoever.

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