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Consulting Services


Professional Property Advisors LLC is well known for its thorough and objective analysis and insights in real estate. Having warned about the overvaluation in early 2007 due to loose lending practices and historically low interest rates, over the past two years PPA LLC is once again finding select opportunities nationwide. We pride ourselves in identifying solid opportunities for clients seeking income, growth or any customized combination thereof. Our best practices, philosophy and transparent analysis and procedures allow for a marked difference from the traditional sales-driven transaction process so prevalent in the real estate industry today.

Case Study:

A client has an offer for $2.1 million dollars on over an acre of property he owns in a heavily trafficked area.  He currently has a retail center on the said property with a dozen or so current tenants that generate Net Operating Income (NOI) of approximately $120,000 annually.  He has solid relationships with these long term tenants, and despite the center being over 20 years old (the new owners would completely tear down the center and use the land to expand a car dealership operation), he is interested in accepting the generous offer, but is concerned about the loss of dependable income generated from this property.


Should the client accept this generous offer in the midst of a depressed real estate environment now that the bubble has burst, or is there a better way to capitalize on the situation?

To receive our analysis and recommendations for this real-life real estate situation, please click here to request what Professional Property Advisors did to better this client's outcome.


Professional Property Advisors LLC utilizes its nationwide network of real estate contacts, including banks, receivers and select real estate professionals to continually monitor valuations and opportunities in multiple segments. Our team has researched thousands of income-producing properties nationwide, and is ready to thoroughly investigate opportunities and evaluate investments for you. We consistently assess each investment when criteria is not met through the due diligence process. Our flexible approach is attractive to large investors seeking specific opportunities to meet their financial needs.

While Professional Property Advisors LLC prides ourselves in maximizing price when selling, we are best known for capitalizing on bargain priced or distressed real estate over the past two decades.  Having utilized the power of LanczGlobal's research, we had recommended selling real estate into the strong valuations of 2007.  Since the real estate bubble has burst, we are selectively acquiring quality, income-producing assets at historically low valuations.  Some of the assets we successfully negotiated with our clients include those pictured on this website, at costs ranging as low as $15-40 a square foot with actual cap rates ranging from 9-22% annually.  See the Management/Leasing page to learn how we began improving these cap rates; not only by seeking new tenants from our nationwide network, but also by immediately lowering costs.  This is an ideal combination to build long term success.

1031 Exchange/Specialized Needs

Whether it is a matter of going through the process of a 1031 Exchange or fulfilling consistent income generating needs with stable Triple Net Properties in prime locations, Professional Property Advisors LLC is available to satisfy your specific financial goals and objectives.

Our proprietary ranking and independent analysis of each property in terms of location, tenant quality, construction and layout, as well as income and growth potential and predictability creates a diversified, well defined portfolio to match each investor’s specific objectives.

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